By: Keith Demko

Worcester County Public Schools has announced the 2023 Worcester County Teacher of the Year: Jaimie Ridgely of Stephen Decatur Middle School.

During its annual Teacher of the Year celebration, Worcester County Board of Education President Todd Ferrante made the announcement following a program honoring all 14 school-level teachers of the year and their commitment to providing a high-quality education to the young people of Worcester County.

“I am so proud of both Jaimie and all of the incredible teachers we have honored this evening,” said Superintendent of Schools Lou Taylor. “Jaimie will be a fantastic representative not only for her school, but our entire school system as she progresses to the state-level program. Her passionate advocacy for building student literacy is to be commended.”

Stephen Decatur Middle School educator Jaimie Ridgely has been named the 2023 Worcester County Teacher of the Year.
A National Board Certified teacher, Ridgely prioritizes writerly identity exploration, joy and agency in her Enrichment and Technology Education classes at Stephen Decatur Middle School. She talked about how community, voice, choice and reflections are the cornerstones of building a student-centered classroom.

“Writing has transformational properties for both writer and reader. When one discovers their voice and their ability to capture their ideas with words, then they hold the power to make a difference in the world. When students learn that their words can have a lasting impact, then they become aware of the value of their gift,” Ridgely said in her portfolio. “In this way, teaching students to write well becomes an act of service to the world, one writer at a time.”

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